Here’s How to Navigate the Dating Scene

There are people who enjoy the life of solitude but if this is not you, it is crucial that you reassess your concepts about dating. You can be disappointed but stopping your search is not an option. If you look closely and persistently, you will find someone who is willing to build a lasting and worthwhile relationship with you. 

Before you go out there again, there are some tips to help you be more equipped with the challenges and demands of dating – whether in person or online. Tips include the following:

Put yourself in situations to meet like-minded people

There are many possible ways of meeting like-minded people – you just have to open your mind and accept the opportunities. If there are no opportunities, you have to put yourself in situations. In other words, you have to make opportunities. 

If you get invited to social gatherings like dinner get-togethers, birthday parties, art openings, and dance classes, you should RSVP Yes. You should stop making excuses. By attending, you are increasing the chances of meeting like-minded people.

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Aim to build a genuine connection

While it is good to meet many people, your goal now is to forge a genuine connection. There are many ways you can forge genuine connection but you should start by showing interest. This cannot be faked.

It is a good practice to put your smartphone away to truly pay attention. Keep in mind that nonverbal communication or visual cues can tell a lot about another person and it is easy to miss unless you are totally tuned in.

Pay attention to red flags

If you can do something to protect yourself from disappointment and potential hurt in the future, you should pay attention to red flags. There are many behaviors that can indicate if the relationship is not going to lead healthy.

Common red flags include difficulty making a commitment, the relationship is alcohol dependent, jealousy, controlling behaviors and non-verbal communication is elsewhere. If you notice one or more red flags, it is time that you turn the other way to protect yourself.

Nurture budding relationship

If the connection is there, you will want to move from casual dating to a committed relationship. Nurturing this new connection is easy with the effort of both parties. You can start by communicating openly – remember that your partner is not a mind reader. By telling everything, you will both feel comfortable expressing desires, needs, and fears.

Deal with rejection gracefully

You have to accept that rejection is part of dating. It can hurt but if you are mindful of yourself, dealing with rejection can be far less intimidating. When you ask other people, they deal with rejection by not dwelling on it but learning from it.

It is important that you do not beat yourself up of any mistakes that you think you made. The best thing to do is to reflect on how you related to others and then identify any problems that you need to work on. With this, you can let go.