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How To Actually Have a Threesome

bisexual threesome

We thought you’d never ask. 

Threesomes, while being quite possibly the height of most sexual fantasies, aren’t really as uncommon (or difficult to orchestrate) as you might think. Whether you’re planning on staying in the gay way (MMM, FFF, XXX), or getting a bit (Tri) Bisexual threesome can be one of the most erotic and educational s exploits you’ll have in your life. However, there are definitely a few things you should be aware of. 

Despite the incredibly high incidence of people being wildly faded on any number of intoxicants, or those that think putting one together would require a MENSA membership— the best threesomes are those that tend to happen a bit more organically, and are edging (if not totally) sober. Other important things to note? Keep reading. 

Find the Right People 

This is insanely important. And also, probably one of the most often bypassed wisdom when it comes to having threesomes. To have a genuinely amazing experience, you need to be involved with genuinely amazing people. Makes sense, right? As a single, finding the right couple, or other singles to engage in a threesome with can actually be much more difficult than finding a third if you’re already coupled up. This is because as the third, there are usually a lot of emotions that could get fired your way if you’re planning on sleeping with a monogamous couple. Or a poly amorous one for that matter. It can also be difficult (outside of campus and frat parties) to find other singles who would be interested in just having a fun mini orgy. But, as they say— if you build it, they will come. Once you really start to look for this sort of opportunities, you might be surprised at how often they crop up. 

For couples— and I cannot stress this enough— stop going to stripclubs to find a third. Those are strippers, not sex partners. If you want to find a professional, get an escort. But more than that: make sure that it’s something you’re both into, something you can have open and honest discussions about, and something that won’t make you feel weird (or worse, make you villainize your third) afterward.  Threesomes can be a really incredible way to spice up an otherwise dull sex life, or to allow for a little extra special sexual expression, even really help to open up lines of intimacy— for both yourselves and any other partners you may have. Just make sure that whomever it is you’re sleeping with is fully aware of what’s expected beforehand. 

Don’t Rush It

When it comes to the actual sex part, threesomes are a magical mystery tour of bodies and sensuality. Of course, most of them eventually get around to the climaxing bit, but generally that’s not the main focus of a threesome. Instead, foreplay, sexual tension, and deliciously gradual evolution is the main event. Enjoying the moments, you’re spending with your partners. Learning how to have the type of sex that most threesomes desire isn’t necessarily difficult— and could reasonably resemble the sex you’re already having— but they definitely don’t resemble the standard office nooner. Giving all involved an almost tantric explosion of sensuality and lustful exuberance. 

Best way to achieve this? Start slow, stay slow. Learn about your partner’s most erogenous zones, focusing on kissing, dipping back and forth between some genital appreciation and putting them on the edge of ecstasy. Just don’t overthink it. If you really want to see how an amazing threesome is done right (no, I am not joking), watch porn. The bisexual threesomes you can find on just about any excellent porn stream are pretty spot on for how erotic and explorative threesomes can be. It’s important to go with the flow. Sure, offer drinks, have some snacks, play some music, but don’t try and make it a second coming of your high school prom. No one wants it too curated. 

Biggest secret to totally crushing a three way? Learn how to listen. Not just with your ears, but with your entire body. Pay close attention to the subtle movements and flow of the situation and just strap in! Also, make sure you’ve got a ton of condoms. Even if it’s all chicks, as you’ll want to wrap up any and all penetrative objects, and pop on a fresh condom anytime you switch bodies or orifices.